Monday, June 21, 2010

Waging a war on clutter

I woke up this morning happy with the progress I am making. Three large boxes of stuff went out and there are two more my the door ready to go. This morning I sent off the reply card to American Express publishing so they will stop automatically sending me two calendar books I don't need. If you do nothing they send them--tricky, but I am finally on top of this one! The life we lead is too complex these days to have to deal with clutter. There is a difference between clutter and abundance. Abundance is the joy you feel connecting with friends and/or family. It's the inner peace you feel after exercising and being out in nature. Or the calm satisfaction one feels after eating a meal of healthy whole foods. To me, clutter represents the anxiety and worry in my life and the limitations I feel. This is not want I want for the rest of my life. In my twenties I didn't have much and it seems that in my thirties I started accumulating stuff. Now that I am in my fifties I feel a strong pull to let go and simplify and I am following that feeling.

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