Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Letting go and keeping things

Last March I moved from a large apartment to one half the size. I moved to shorten my commute. I got it down from 45 minutes to 15 minutes. It's wonderful. Before the move I sold or donated many items in what I now see as my first stage toward a minimalist lifestyle. Items I let go of include a HDTV, older small TV, large flat screen computer monitor, home office furniture, round glass dining room table and chairs, toaster oven, 2 glass side tables.  Now I've been in the new apartment for almost six months and I am in round two of the purging process. One area of concern for me is the kitchen. In the last few months I've accumulated more appliances connected with a raw vegan lifestyle such as a food processor, spiral slicer and food processor. Before I moved I let go of all the heavy china dishes and got a set of lightweight plates and bowls from Preserve Products. I'm really happy about this. At this point I am thinking I will keep these kitchen appliances. I read somewhere that this process is about simplifying so you can find out what is important for your life.

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