Sunday, July 25, 2010

An Empty Corner

The weekend is ending and another week of my day job looms ahead. My muscles are sore from all the work I did but I am happy. I actually have an empty half of a room. I love walking into my previously clutter filled bedroom and bedroom closet. I am starting to get a feeling of peace. When I see that empty corner I think of the possibilities that lay ahead.

Here is what I accomplished this weekend:

1. 3 large bags of clothing are ready to go into the donation bin tomorrow. I am now only using one side of the closet rods to hang clothes.

2. I put my couch, recliner, and a wood table on Craig's list. Hopefully they will sell so I can use the proceeds to chip away at the credit card debt.

3. A pile of paper work is ready to be shredded

4. I have healthy fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator ready for my lunches this week.

5. I have a stack of photo albums ready to be digitized.

6. The kitchen counter is free of clutter.

7. I looked up a list of best cities in which to live car free--unfortunately Phoenix was listed as one of the worst. The list was from 2008 though before the light rail was finished.  So if one is in central or downtown it may not be so bad.

8. I am giving myself two weeks to get the rest of the bedroom done. Most of it is paperwork that has to be saved or shredded.

9. I found myself having trouble with a few items and I had to keep saying to myself that "someone will be very happy to get this" and I kept going.

10. I have a goal of this November to be well on my way to getting my apartment purged of unnecessary items.

This is an interesting emotional process.

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