Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday July 24 A light switch has been turned on

Today is the my first day of my starting over according to the excellent book, "the joy of less a minimalist guide" by Francine Jay aka Miss Minimalist. Thank you for a wonderful guide to minimalist living and decluttering. I really need it!

I am going to play some music and get going. Music is a big inspiration for me. When I was in NY my brother was playing Regina Spektor.  Her music feels so honest and true and is very melodic as well. I had been in a rut listening to the music of my youth and while yes, it is great, I found myself getting lost in the emotions that went with it. So I am also starting over with music too, to find what is fresh and inspiring to me now. This is something I always did when I was younger so why did I seem to stop? I believe a key to feeling good is to be open. To be closed is hopeless. When we don't have goals and a hope for the future, regardless of how old we are, the lights can grow dim. So if you are feeling stuck and don't know exactly why, perhaps you can listen to some different music or try a new fruit or vegetable, reach out to a new friend or read a new book! OK, I'm off to tackle that bedroom closet...

One more thing--thank-you so much to my followers for reading my blog!

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